National Radon Action Month 2020 (NRAM)

National Radon Action Month 2020 (NRAM)

It’s that time of year again!! It’s important to participate in National Radon Action Month (NRAM). In January we spread the word about radon and it’s health effects to our communities, public officials, real estate and medical professionals. Awareness is key when dealing with radon which you can’t see, smell or taste. Most people don’t know about radon or it’s effects. The EPA has reading material that can help guide you in ideas for radon outreach activities,¬†steps for planning successful radon outreach activities, radon tips and no cost radon educational materials.

Kehaulani Kekoa, Certification Coordinator of NRSB ordered FREE brochures and posters from the NYDOH and distributed these materials to her local doctors offices, libraries, insurance companies and real estate brokers. It was easy, you can do it too! The NRSB also participated in a podcast for the Kent County Health Department in Michigan for NRAM. We will post the link once it is published.

Elevated indoor radon levels can be found in every state. That is why it is important to let everyone know about the effects of radon and to test. Testing for radon is a minimal cost compared to the negative health effects that are caused by the gas. Once you know you have elevated levels, you should hire a mitigation specialist to design and build a system that best suits your house. Using certified measurement and mitigation specialists is the best way to ensure the job is done correctly.

“Radon is a serious health risk. It can be reduced easily and cost effectively.
Take action today. Encourage your friends and family members to do the same!”


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