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How to complete a proficiency test…

In order to use a device listing for a Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) or an Electret Ion Chamber (ES, EL) device, a radon measurement specialist (RMS) must provide the NRSB with proof of passing a proficiency test for each CRM, EL or ES device code from an approved secondary radon chamber for each device used in the field.

Click here see instructions for renewal using the SAME device as your previous application.
If you are using a different model device than your last renewal you must complete a proficiency test with that device in order to add it to your application. NRSB requires a proficiency test for each NEW device model added to your application. 

Details of Device Proficiency Test
Applicants are responsible for conducting their own proficiency tests with an NRSB Accredited Secondary Radon Chamber (ASRC).  Applicants must submit measurement devices to the ASRC, where the devices will be exposed to known radon concentrations.  One (1) continuous radon monitor or electret ion chamber must be submitted for each device listing. After exposure, the device(s) are returned to the applicant for analysis.  The applicant then reports the measured value to the ASRC, which is then compared to the target value.  The reported value must be + 25% of target value to successfully pass the proficiency test.  If any device deviated by >25% and <=50% of the target value, then a retest is required.  If any device deviated by >50% of the target value, then the applicant failed the proficiency test and the applicant must provide details of the corrective actions taken to the ASRC prior to retest.  

Ensure that your results page lists the NRSB device number. If it lists another number you will be asked to have it revised and resubmit.

Click on a button below to view the details about submitting your device and the completing your proficiency application with one of NRSB's accredited secondary radon chambers. It is suggested that you contact the radon chamber to schedule a proficiency test or calibration as soon as possible, for it may take 30 to 60 days to complete. 


Details of Certificate of Calibration
To calibrate a continuous radon monitor, you will need to submit the device(s) to an Accredited Radon Chamber (ARC) authorized to calibrate the continuous radon monitor or electret ion chamber.  As part of the calibration process the radon chamber will determine the background count rate using clean, aged air or nitrogen.  Re-calibrations should be done at least once every 12 months and after any repairs or modifications.  The ARC will issue a certificate for newly calibrated monitors.   A copy of this certificate needs to be forwarded to the NRSB administrative office. 

You can find all accredited chambers and the devices they can calibrate by clicking here.