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Continuing Education Courses

The purpose of the continuing education program is to assure that all professionals continue to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the radon profession and keep abreast of new developments within this program field. The NRSB continuing education program provides a means of documenting this continuing professional education for state, federal and professional agencies, as well as the public at large.

Each year, prior to the anniversary of the participants’ initial certification, a reminder will be sent by the administrative staff that applicants for renewal must submit proof of continuing education training during the year. Individuals may submit information regarding approved course completions throughout the year, and may also submit evidence of courses taken which are pending approvals.

Measurement & Mitigation Specialist  – 8 credits/yr                           Measurement Technicians – 4 credits/yr

Note: If you have been certified by NRSB for 10 YEARS OR MORE your CE credit obligation will be cut in half.

An asterisk (*) indicates NRSB course approved for online training
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Celia Rajkovich, 122 W. 5th Avenue, Derry, PA 15627
Telephone: 724-774-4535
Course: *Radon Measurement Course for Testing, Labs & Mitigators (On-Site and Correspondence): 16 credits
Course: *ALARA Health & Safety – CE for Testers, Labs & Mitigators (On-Site and Correspondence): 16 credits
Course: *CE for the Radon Pro plus it simply comes with a Free Public Outreach Presentation (On-Site and Correspondence): 16 credits
Course: *Radon Mitigation Standards for Multifamily Buildings: 8 credits
Course: *Multifamily Building Testing for Radon and Radon Decay Products: 8 credits

99 Church Street
Whitinsville, MA 01588
Course: NRSB Measurement Specialist Training Course: 16 credits

Steve Kolar, 403 Stonehaven Lane, NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Telephone: 319-377-9298
Fax: 319-377-1306
Course: Radon / Radon / Radon: 6 credits

6618 West Tuscarora Road, Mapleton, IL 61547
Course: Radon Infiltration: Overview of Entry Mechanisms & Weather Related Testing Parameters: 3 credits

4518 Taylorsville Road, Dayton, OH 45424
Telephone: 937-236-8805
Fax: 937-233-2024
Course: Duplicate Measurements 101: 4 credits

3 Foster Lane, Suite 102
Flemington, NJ 08822
Phone: 800-513-8332
Course: *Radon & Radon Decay Product Measurement Course: 24 Credits
Course: *Radon Mitigation Technology: 24 Credits
Course: * Presenting Radon Programs: 16 Credits
Course: *Review of Entry Level Measurement: 16 Credits
Course: *Addressing Radon in Daycare Facilities, Schools and Large Buildings: 16 Credits
Course: *Conducting Surveys in Schools & Large Buildings: 16 Credits
Course: *Radon Challenge – Gnarly Tales from the Field: 16 Credits
Course: *Radon & Radon Decay Product Measurement Course: 16 Credits
Course: *Advanced Radon Measurements for Multi-Family and Other Large Buildings: 12 credits
Course: *Radon: Train The Speaker: 12 credits
Course: *Health Perspectives for Promoting RRNC: 8 credits
Course: *Incorporation of RN Control Techniques in New Construction: 8 credits
Course: *Design & Installation of Radon & Soil Gas Collection Systems: 8 credits
Course: *RRNC Practices: An Industry Discussion of Current Approaches to Radon Control: 8 credits
Course: *Technical Review of RN Measurement & Mitigation Techniques for RN Professionals: 8 credits
Course: *Addressing RDP: Another Tool in the Toolbox: 4 credits
Course: *Interviews with Radon Experts: 4 credits
Course: *Becoming Proficient with Rad Elec E-Perms: 4 credits
Course: *Radon from a Physicians Perspective: 4 credits
Course: *Radon Response for Schools and Commercial Buildings: 4 credits
Course: *Application of HRV/ERV’s for Radon Reduction: 4 credits
Course: *Radon Mitigation Fundamentals: 16 credits
Course: *Codes and Standards Update For Installing Radon Systems In New Home Construction - 2 CEU
Course: C-4-115 Device Specific Training for E-Perms (4 credits)
Course: C-16-105 Basis for promoting Radon reduction in your community (16 credits)
Course: C-12-102 Radon entry of measurements in tropical climates (12 Credits)
Course: C-24-103 Review of entry level measurement (24 credits)
Course: C-4-105 Radon control methods (4 credits)
Course: C-2-101 Codes and Standards update for installing radon systems in new home constructions (2 credits)
Course: C-16-103 Radon Mitigation Technology (24 credits)
Course: C-16-104 Radon Measurement & Mitigation in Tropical Climates
C-24-102 Radon Mitigation technology

410 Capitol Avenue, MS # 12-RAD, PO Box 340308, Hartford, CT 06134
Telephone: 860-509-7300
Course: Radon Measurement in Connecticut Schools: 4 credits

Rutgers University, 102 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Telephone: 848-932-9271
Course: Radon Mitigators’ Technology Credits: 24
Course: Radon Measurement Proficiency – Home Study Course: 16 credits
Course: * Radon Measurement Proficiency: 16 credits
Course: Waterborne Radon One Day: 8 credits
Course: *Radon Measurement Review Home Study Course: 8 credits
Course: *Radon Resistant New Construction: 8 credits
Course: *Advanced Radon Measurement and Health Risk (On Hold): 8 credits
Course: *Waterborne Radon Home Study Course: 8 credits
Course: *Waterborne Radon On Line Course: 8 credits
Course: *Quality Assurance/Quality Control in Radon Measurements Home Study Course: 8 credits
Course: Radon Mitigation Diagnostics: Troubleshooting Strategies for Troublesome Systems Credits: 8 credits
Course: Electrical Troubleshooting & Safety for Radon Mitigation Credits: 8 credits
Course: Radon Resistant New Construction in GA Short Course/Lecture Credits: 5.5 credits
Course: Radon Measurement Review; Short Course: 4 credits
Course: *Radon Measurement Review Course: 4 credits
Course: Advanced Radon Measurement Course: 4 credits
Course: Waterborne Radon; Short Course: 4 credits
Course: Basics of Radon: 4 credits

325 Carlisle Drive, Carlisle, OH 45005
Telephone: 513-746-4427
Course: Classroom Course with hands-on training on use of Femto-techCRM510: 8 credits
Course: Femto-techCRM-510 Proficiency Training: 4 credits

PO Box 413, Paupack, PA 18451
Course: Continuing Education Radon Measurement Course: 16 credits

902 N. Linden, Normal IL 61761
Telephone: 708-582-6558 and/or 309-808-4663
Course: Radon 101:Inspection & Measurement Course: 16 credits

4683 Whipple Avenue, NW, Canton OH  44718
Telephone: 877-658-6143

Course: Radon Measurement & Testing Course: 16 credits
Course: Radon Mitigation Training Course: 24 credits

2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 300 Manhattan, KS 66502
Telephone: 785-532-4995
Course: Combined Radon Measurement & Mitigation (On-Line): 40 credits
Course: Radon Measurement Refresher (Correspondence Course): 16 credits
Course: Optimal Mitigation & Advanced Diagnostics (Classroom): 16 credits
Course: Radon Measurement Device Refresher (Correspondence Course): 8 credits
Course: Radon Basics for the Home Inspector (Correspondence Course): 8 credits
Course: Radon in Water Refresher Course (Correspondence Course): 4 credits
Course: Radon Physics Refresher Course (Correspondence Course): 4 credits
Course: Advanced Schools and Large Buildings Radon Measurement Course: 4 credits
Course: Business Tune-Up (classroom): 4 credits
Course: *User Friendly QC Measurement Analysis: 4 credits
Course: *Radon System Diagnostics Fan Selection Case Studies: 4 credits
Course: *Introduction to Uncertainty of Measurement: 2 credits
Course: *Social Media for Radon Small Business: 2 credits

Rachel Carson State Office Building, 400 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101
Course: Advanced Topics - Radon: 12 credits
Course: Radon Mitigation Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Workshop: 8 credits

101 N Egan Ave, PO box 303, Madison, SD 57042
Telephone: 800-983-6322
Course: Radon Measurement Certification Course Credits: 16 credits
Course: Radon Interactive Certification Course: 16 credits

1406 E. 14th Street, Des Moines IA 50316
Course: Radon Continuing Education Course: 8 credits

5599 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30341
Telephone: 770-457-1944
Course: Radon Measurement Specialist Certification Course: 16 credits

2403 Stockyard Road, Springfield, IL 62702
Telephone: 217-241-2345
Course: How a Radon Reduction System Must Be Installed: 8 credits

2 Hayes Street, Elmsford, NY 10523
Telephone: 800-457-2366
Course: *Radon Measurement Operator’s Course for Specialist (On-Site and Correspondence): 16 credits
Course: *Radon Occurrence, Radiation Fundamentals & Health Effects: 3 credits
Course: *Radon & RDP Measurements, Instruments & Methods: 3 credits
Course: *Measurement Protocols: 3 credits
Course: *Worker Safety & Health: 2 credits
Course: *Radon Mitigation Systems: 1 credit
Course: *Building Investigation: 1 credit
Course: *Radon in Water: 1 credit
Course: *Radon Resistant New Construction: 1 credit
Course: *Radon Entry & Behavior: 1 credit

PO Box 222, Bealeton, VA 22712
Telephone: 703-856-7333
Course: The In’s and Out’s of Radon: 4 credits
Course: Protocols Records & Quality Oh My!: 4 credits
Course: Refresher Radiation Safety Training for Radon Professionals: 2 credits
Course: Radon Health Risks Review: 2 credits
Course: The Physics of Radon: 2 credits
Course: Radon Measurement Device Review: 2 credits

5716 Industry Lane, Frederick, MD 21704
Telephone: 800-526-5482
Course: Rad Elec Recon Device Training: 4 credits

6401 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87508
Telephone: 505-428-1414
Course: Radon in Real Estate: 4 credits
Course: Radon Resistant New Construction: 4 credits

P.O. Box 8244/3 Saber Way, Ward Hill, MA 01835
Telephone: 978-521-3703
Fax: 978-521-3964
Course: Mitigating Radon: 24 credits
Course: Residential Radon Measurement Course: 16 credits
Course: *QA/QC in Residential Radon Measurement: 12 credits
Course: Radon in Water (Sampling & Treatment): 8 credits
Course: Radon Measurement for the Technician: 8 credits
Course: Choosing a Fan: Answers to Your FAQ’s Credits: 8 credits
Course: *Detective Diagnosis: 4 credits
Course: *QA for Small Business: 4 credits
Course: Cutting Edge Radon: How Did We Get To Where We’re Going? Credits: 4 credits
Course: Donuts, Coffee & Radon: Marketing to the Real Estate Agent Credits: 4 credits
Course: *EPA’s Energy Star & IAQ Home Labeling Programs: New Opportunities for the Radon Professionals: 4 credits
Course: *Getting Past Radon Schizophrenia: How Did We Get to Where We’re Going?: 4 credits
Course: *Fighting the Radon Wars:New Marketing Tools to Add to Your Arsenal: 4 credits
Course: *Inspecting the Radon Mitigation System: 4 credits
Course: *Mechanics of How Radon Causes Lung Cancer: 4 credits
Course: *Marketing the Radon Message: 4 credits
Course: Recession-Proofing Your Radon Business: 4 credits
Course: Updating RRNC: From Where …To Where: 4 credits
Course: *Radon Ready New Construction: Guidance for New Buildings: 4 credits
Course: Radon Resistant New Construction: 4 credits
Course: Personal Protective Equipment for Radon Mitigators: 4 credits
Course: *Radon in Water: Residential Sampling & Aeration Mitigation: 3 credits
Course: *What Was That Middle Thing? Successfully Communicating Radon Risk: 2 credits
Course: *Writing Contracts & Guarantees: 2 credits
Course: Advanced Mitigation: The Dreaded Crawl Space Credits: 2
Course: *Recession-Proofing Your Radon Business: 2 credits
Course: Mitigating Large Buildings Credits: 2
Course: Internet Marketing 101: 2 credits
Course: *Where’s the Radon Coming From?: 1.5 credits
Course: *Troubleshooting Tough Homes Credits: 1.5
Course: *Opportunities & Risks of RRNC Credits: 1.5
Course: *Dave’s Corner Credits: 1 credit

3748 N. Paulina Street, Chicago, IL 60613
Telephone: 773-525-0899
Course: Radon Mitigation Safety Training Credits: 4/8

4326 Crestview Road, Harrisburg, PA 17112
Telephone: 717-657-7032
Course: Radon Measurement Provider Course for Radon Testing and Laboratory Personnel: 16 credits

Naperville, IL
Telephone: 260-693-9855
Course: Nuts & Bolts Measurement & Mitigation: 4 credits
Course: American Red Cross Workplace Training: First Aid: 4 credits
Course: Alpha Track Detectors: 3 credits
Course: Weatherization & Radon Concentrations in Buildings: 3 credits
Course: Radon-the US EPA and the Midwest Efforts to Reduce Radon Levels in Our Lives: 2 credits

2121 W. Taylor Street, MC 922, Chicago, IL 60612
Telephone: 312-996-2613
Fax: 312-413-7369
Course: UIC Illinois Radon Measurement Course: 16 credits
Course: *UIC Radon Course on Measurement (Online): 16 credits
Course: UIC Illinois Radon Course on Mitigation: 16 credits
Course: *UIC Radon CE Course on Passive to Active Mitigation Systems: 4 credits
Course: *UIC Measurement & Mitigation: Working Together: 2 credits
Course: *UIC Best Practices: Radon Measurement: 2 credits
Course: *Epidemiology of Radon: 2 credits
Course: *Current Science on Radon & Human Health Effects of Radon: 2 credits
Course: *Defeating Murphy’s Law: 2 credits
Course: *School and Commercial Buildings Radon Measurement Testing: 2 credits

27900 West Concrete Drive, Unit D, Lakemoor, IL 60041
Telephone: 815-344-1100
Course: *Radon: The Discovery: 3 credits
Course: Building Radon Out: 3 credits

2844 Slifer Valley Road, Riegelsville, PA 18077
Telephone: 610-346-8004 Fax: 610-346-8575
Course: *School Radon Mitigation Credits: 4

In general, it is anticipated that courses and activities appropriate for continuing education credit will fall into two categories:

Category I- including traditional classroom lecture courses and hands-on courses, correspondence courses, video based courses, and other types of distance learning courses.

Category II- including Symposium/Conference attendance, the presentation of technical papers, published articles in professionals journals, and public outreach presentations, instruction, technical service, attendance at professional meetings, and apprenticeship;

Category I credits are likely to be given on an “hour for hour” basis, and credits for Category II on the basis of a published schedule which acknowledges the different levels of participation and education associated with the various recognized activities.

The NRSB does not provide radon education courses, but it does approve both classroom and distance learning courses.  The following courses have been approved by the NRSB for fulfilling the education requirements for Radon Measurement and Mitigaton Specialists.