Laboratory Accreditation - National Radon Safety Board


To apply for Laboratory Accreditation you will need to complete the following:

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Please sign, date and mail, fax or email applications to:
National Radon Safety Board
14 Hayes Street
Elmsford, NY 10523
Fax: (914) 345-1169

An NRSB Radon Measurement Specialist (RMS) must be affiliated with the laboratory and listed on the application. Applicants must specify which devices the laboratory uses in performing radon analysis and list the NRSB device code for each on the application. For a list of approved devices click here.

A laboratory must submit current proficiency test results for all devices used to perform radon analysis and for which the Accredited Radon Laboratory (ARL) wishes to maintain a proficiency listing – including activated charcoal, liquid scintillation, electret ion chamber, alpha track, continuous radon monitor and continuous working level monitor. To conduct a proficiency test, ARLs are required to submit the devices to an accredited secondary radon chamber for exposure to known concentrations. ARLs are expected to provide measurement results that are within +- 25% of the target value. For a list of accredited NRSB radon chambers see this page.

In addition to the proficiency tests, applicants seeking to use continuous radon monitors or continuous working level monitors must also submit a current certificate of calibration for all monitors used to perform measurements. A certificate of calibration must be issued by an accredited radon chamber that is manufacturer-authorized to perform calibration for the instrument model. 

If an application is incomplete or otherwise not in order, the applicant is notified. If the deficiencies in the application are corrected, the certification is awarded.

Reasons Why Professionals Need
A Laboratory Accreditation:

  • You are using an electret ion chamber device and reading your own electrets.
  • If using a continuous radon monitor and your state requires you to become a lab to read your own measurements.