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Key Personnel

William J. Bell
Member of the Board of Directors

Bill Bell manages Massachusetts state radon activities from within the Radiation Control Program. He has extensive experience in radon testing and mitigation and regularly provides consultations and technical assistance to consumers and the radon industry, as well as local, state, and federal agencies. In 1996 Bill directed the successful mitigation of a school found to have radon concentrations of 2,000pCi/L. He has assisted EPA in its deliberations concerning large buildings, school testing and mitigation, and revising the radon contractor proficiency examination. Bill is an associate member of the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors and has served as chair of a committee concerning model regulations relating to the use of analytical x-ray equipment and a task force concerning neutron activation bomb detectors. Currently, Bill serves as Chair of the CRCPD Committee on Radon (E-25).  He also  serves as a member of  CRCPD’s SR-R Committee, which is developing suggested state regulations for the control of radon.  Bill is a frequent presenter on technical aspects of radon investigation and mitigation at the National Radon Training Meeting.

Nancy Bredhoff, MBA
President and Member of the Board of Directors

Ms. Bredhoff has been active in the radon industry since 1985 when the Radon Testing Corporation of American (RTCA) was incorporated. Nancy was one of the founders of RTCA and has served as President from 1989 to present. RTCA's testing laboratory, researches, manufactures and distributes a variety of radon test devices, including activated charcoal canisters, liquid scintillation vials, patented electret ion chambers, and continuous radon monitors. Ms. Bredhoff has directed new product development culminating in many patents for state-of-the-art radiation monitors. RTCA's computerized analytical laboratory processes tens of thousands of radon measurements annually for consumers, government programs and professional radon testers. Under Ms. Bredhoff’s leadership, RTCA has developed and maintains the company's nationwide network of professional radon testers. She is often invited as a guest speaker at educational seminars and has authored numerous articles about radon. At the 16th National Radon Meeting, Ms. Bredhoff presented, “Proficiency Testing, Calibration and New Device Evaluation, ‘Critical Components for a National Certification Program’” and at the 17th National Radon Meeting, she gave the presentation, “Using the Proficiency Program for Consumer Protection.”

Ms. Bredhoff has served as Treasurer of AARST and a Member of the Board of Directors for AARST.

Ms. Bredhoff has a BA in Political Science from Barnard College and a MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

Andreas C. George
Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. George has 47 years experience related to radiation activities.  He conducted  studies in uranium mines from 1967-1972 to determine the exposure conditions of the miners and estimate their radon and radon decay product exposure.  He supervised the Department of Energy Radon Calibration Chamber for North America from 1964 through 1996. He conducted the first comprehensive indoor radon study in the US (1975-1978).  Mr. George's professional experience includes 3 years in the New York City Office of Radiation Control and 33 years with Environmental Measurements Laboratory, US Department of Energy, US Energy Research and Development Administration and US Atomic Energy Commission.

He is a Member and a Fellow of the Health Physics Society, a Member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, and a member of AARST and a certified Radon Specialist. In 1987 Mr. George received the Distinguished Service Medal from the Secretary of Energy for Meritorious Service. Mr. George has a BS degree in Biology from Brooklyn College, an MS degree in Civil Engineering (Air Pollution) from City College, NY and an MS in Biological and Biophysical Science from Hunter College with 30 Graduate College Hours in Radiation Physics, Radiation Biology, and Health Physics. Mr. George has published 96 papers on radiation (most of which were on radon), and has trained many radon measurement technicians and specialists. He has presented numerous papers at national and international meetings, and has often been invited as keynote speaker.

He has published a non-fiction book December 2005 "In The Footsteps of SAINT NICHOLAS."

Paul Houle, PhD
Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Houle is a Professor Emeritus from East Stroudsburg University having taught in the Physics Department for 32 years, having chaired the department for 17 years and continues to be actively engaged in radon research. He was the director of East Stroudsburg University's radon testing and research program for 25 years and the Radiation Safety Officer for the University for 20 years. He has tested more than 2500 homes for radon contamination and has administered grants from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, DuPont Industries, The Dructer Corporation, LePage Industries, and numerous other industries to perform research on radon mitigation materials and detector capabilities.

Dr. Houle has developed ab-initio Radon Training Programs for Certification in Pennsylvania, and has been approved by state and federal agencies to offer Continuing Education Courses on radon nationwide via award winning Video and Text formats. He has lectured extensively on the subject of radon, and has been a presenter at international symposia on radon.

He is a member of the American Physical Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists. He has also been a referee for the American Journal of Physics.

Stephen Shefsky 
Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Shefsky is a Senior Research Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton Analyzers. He contributed to the development of laboratory-based methods for measuring radon in air and water by liquid scintillation, to the design of portable electronic radon instrumentation, and to the design and operation of radon chambers and calibration systems. From 1990 to 2000 he was the director of quality assurance for Niton Corporation's Radon Laboratory.

Lorin Stieff
Member of the Board of Directors

Lorin is the Vice President of Rad Elec, where he has worked for the past 10 years. During this time he was Dr. Payasada Kotrappa's primary research assistant for ongoing electret ion chamber research, and has presented several of these papers at previous AARST symposiums. His current responsibilities include the continued research and development of Rad Elec's E-PERM systems, CRMs, and software development. Taking over for Dr. Kotrappa, he is currently serving as Rad Elec's technical adviser.

When he's not needed in the office, Lorin escapes from civilization to have occasional adventures in the field of mineral exploration. He has conducted geophysical surveys from the Arctic Circle down to Patagonia, and has discovered sizable uranium deposits via radon flux surveys.

Lorin graduated from the College of William & Mary with a BA in both English and Religion, and pursued graduate studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he received his MA in Comparative Religion.

Raymond H. Johnson, Jr. CHP, PE
Past President

As founding President of the National Radon Safety Board, Ray Johnson brought to the NRSB a long and distinguished career as a health physicist, public servant and a professional in radon measurement, quality assurance, and training. From 1963 through 1985 Mr. Johnson served as a Commissioned Officer in the US Public Health Service, including fifteen years as Chief of Radiation Surveillance for the US. Environmental Protection Agency; he has been active in the Health Physics Society (HPS) since 1966, was a founding member of the HPS Radon Section, has served as the Public Information Chair for both HPS and the American Nuclear Society, was a charter member and President of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, and has been a member of many other professional associations including Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, the Society for Risk Analysis, the American Academy of Health Physics, and the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors.

Mr. Johnson is a Certified Health Physicist and licensed Professional Engineer who has conducted more than 250 training workshops and seminars on radiation protection, radiation health risk analyses, environmental monitoring and related subjects, and he has authored over 225 books and other publications. He is currently President of Key Technology, Inc., a primary laboratory for radon measurements which has conducted more than 700,000 radon measurements since 1985, and President of CSI - Radiation Safety and Training. Mr. Johnson is also President of the Health Physics Society.

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