Nancy Bredhoff, MBA

Nancy Bredhoff, MBA


President and Member of the Board of Directors

Ms. Bredhoff has been active in the radon industry since 1985 when the Radon Testing Corporation of American (RTCA) was incorporated. Nancy was one of the founders of RTCA and has served as President from 1989 to present. RTCA’s testing laboratory, researches, manufactures and distributes a variety of radon test devices, including activated charcoal canisters, liquid scintillation vials, patented electret ion chambers, and continuous radon monitors. Ms. Bredhoff has directed new product development culminating in many patents for state-of-the-art radiation monitors. RTCA’s computerized analytical laboratory processes tens of thousands of radon measurements annually for consumers, government programs and professional radon testers. Under Ms. Bredhoff’s leadership, RTCA has developed and maintains the company’s nationwide network of professional radon testers. She is often invited as a guest speaker at educational seminars and has authored numerous articles about radon. At the 16th National Radon Meeting, Ms. Bredhoff presented, “Proficiency Testing, Calibration and New Device Evaluation, ‘Critical Components for a National Certification Program’” and at the 17th National Radon Meeting, she gave the presentation, “Using the Proficiency Program for Consumer Protection.”

Ms. Bredhoff has served as Treasurer of AARST and a Member of the Board of Directors for AARST.

Ms. Bredhoff has a BA in Political Science from Barnard College and a MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.