How To Get Certified

Check list for Initial Certification:

To apply for Radon Measurement and/or Radon Mitigation certification you will need to complete the following:

  • Submit evidence of successfully passing approved training course.
  • Submit evidence of passing the NRSB exam. The NRSB exams may be taken either in conjunction with approved training programs, or through a system of individual proctors. Exam guidance, proctor qualifications and exam order information are available here.
  • Applicants must specify which devices they are using and list the NRSB device code on the application. For a list of approved devices click here.
  • Applicants seeking to use continuous radon monitors must submit a proficiency test for each model of continuous radon monitor or continuous working level monitor used and a current certificate of calibration for all monitors used to perform measurements. A certificate of calibration must be issued by an NRSB Accredited Radon Chamber that is manufacturer-authorized to perform calibration for the instrument model. For a list of accredited NRSB chambers see this page.
  • Application for Registration of a Radon Business (download form)
  • Application for Radon Measurement (download form)
  • Application for Radon Mitigation certification (download form)
  • Application Fees List (download form)

Please sign, date and mail, fax or email applications to:
National Radon Safety Board
14 Hayes Street
Elmsford, NY 10523
Fax: (914) 345-1169

Upon completion of the training requirements and successful completion of the requisite exam, the applicant sends documentation of the training, exam and if warranted proficiency test(s) and certificate of calibration(s) to the NRSB administrative office with a non-refundable application fee.

The National Radon Safety Board administrative office reviews all certification applications, and if the documentation is in order, issues the appropriate certification. An 8” x 10” wall certificate and a wallet identification card are mailed to the applicant. Individual certification information is posted on the NRSB website.

If an application is incomplete or otherwise not in order, the applicant is notified by phone or email. If the deficiencies in the application are corrected, the certification is awarded.

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