NRSB New Team Members

NRSB New Team Members

The National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) would like to introduce and welcome our new team members.

Kehaulani Kekoa (“K”) is NRSB’s new certification coordinator and she heads our admin side of the program. 

K. brings her background of business management, marketing and design skills to NRSB. She was the owner of a web design business for over 10 years and has been creating professional websites for over 15 years, bringing a diverse background in graphic design, print material, digital marketing and photography.

Ms. Kekoa still gets to flex her creative muscle while working for the NRSB. She has been working on new marketing materials and digital communications to keep growing the amount of certified radon professionals in the industry.

Lorin Stieff is our newest board member. Lorin is the Vice President of Rad Elec, where he has worked for the past 10 years. During this time he was Dr. Payasada Kotrappa’s primary research assistant for ongoing electret ion chamber research, and has presented several of these papers at previous AARST symposiums. His current responsibilities include the continued research and development of Rad Elec’s E-PERM systems, CRMs, and software development. Taking over for Dr. Kotrappa, he is currently serving as Rad Elec’s technical adviser.

When he’s not needed in the office, Lorin escapes from civilization to have occasional adventures in the field of mineral exploration. He has conducted geophysical surveys from the Arctic Circle down to Patagonia, and has discovered sizable uranium deposits via radon flux surveys.

Lorin graduated from the College of William & Mary with a BA in both English and Religion, and pursued graduate studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he received his MA in Comparative Religion.