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Chief Examiner

The Chief Examiner is the individual representing the entity that has requested to administer the NRSB certification examination. The Chief Examiner may also serve as the Proctor as described below.

The Chief Examiner must inform examinees at the time of registration for an examination, the time each examination will begin and end, and the materials to be brought to the exam.


The Proctor is the individual who oversees the administration of the exam, ensures the security of the exams, and supervises the behavior of candidates during the examination.

The Proctor is responsible for the administration of the examination, and that it is conducted in strict compliance with the regulations outlined in these instructions. The Proctor must inform examinees of rules and guidelines to be followed during the exam.

Proctors may not be an instructor of the course for which the exam is administered, nor may a Proctor be an immediate supervisor or employer, or immediate relative, of an examinee.

Who May Proctor the Exam

  1. A member of the teaching faculty or an educational administrator of any accredited University. The student must submit a page from the institutionís directory or catalog that lists not only the proctorís name and title, but also the institutionís name. Photocopies are acceptable.

  2. A high school superintendent, supervising principal, principal, guidance counselor or an Intermediate Unit administrator.

  3. An elementary or high school teacher provided you submit a letter on official letterhead from the teacherís principal or superintendent verifying the teacherís position. A photocopy of the teacherís certification is not sufficient. NOTE: Currently employed teachers may not request a fellow teacher to proctor their exams. Superintendents or principals from the same school district are acceptable.