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How to Order Exams

You need to fill out the exam order form to order one or more sets of the NRSB proficiency examinations for certification as Radon Measurement Technician, Radon Measurement Specialist and Radon Mitigator.  Examinations must be given within two-weeks from the date of receipt of exams.  Examinations must be returned within twenty-four (24) hours from the date of the first examination.  Complete the items below.

1. When ordering a single (1) examination, a flat fee of $90.00 will be assessed.  This fee includes shipping and handling charges.  Single exams must be paid in advanced by credit card or may be paid at the time of taking the exam by enclosing a check in the return envelope.

2. The NRSB examination grading service fee is $45.00 for each examination when ordering two (2) or more examinations.  No fees will be assessed for any unused exams that are returned with seals intact and void of any tears or markings which would render the examination unusable.  Shipping charges to and from the testing facility will be billed to the requester.  Traceable shipment consists of up to 20 examination booklets to a single location (fee includes a single pre-paid shipping label for return of all materials to the NRSB).  The National Radon Safety Board will not accept packages billed to NRSB without prior written approval.  The requester will be billed for grading services fee and shipping fees when materials are returned. Payment terms are net 10 days from the date of the invoice.
3. The Chief Examiner signs the Exam Security Agreement in the instructions envelope.
4. Type or print the following information.
5. Submit the completed form to NRSB, 14 Hayes St. Elmsford, NY 10523.  The NRSB Examination Order Form must be completed in its entirety and received by the NRSB no later than two weeks prior to the examination date.